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  We are leveraging our greatest strengths to shape the future of issues you care about. Through this journey, we will join the ranks of the top-10 public universities in America. UC Irvine’s unprecedented partnership with alumni, community leaders and friends has enabled us to embark on a $1 billion fundraising campaign to shape a brighter future for our community, our nation and our world.

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The Healing Potential of Stem Cells

There are moments in time when people can truly make a difference.  History is replete with stories of those who spotted change as it was happening and took advantage of new opportunities.  History also reveals the cost when major change is ignored. By fostering "Global Connections," we're tackling the world's toughest challenges.
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Global Connections International Undergraduate Prep. Program The Well-Educated Global Citizen Center for Unconventional Security Affairs Beyond Global Connections
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We dream big at the University of California, Irvine. We chose to direct the power of research, scholarship and teaching towards finding real answers to the world's toughest problems. Today, we renew that vision with you.
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